Our VR brain training app offers a daily cognitive workout of short, intense and fun games designed to help test and train your cognitive skills.

What is Enhance?

Enhance is a VR app that offers a growing library of brain training games that test and train various cognitive skills like memory, problem solving, spatial orientation, and motor control. Research demonstrates that VR engages multiple learning systems, which makes it more effective and natural environment for cognitive training than 2D screen-based brain training apps. We think that VR brain training can add value to any healthy lifestyle, and that it should be a frequent activity that nonetheless takes no more than 10 minutes per session.

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Encode, store and recall memorised information

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Problem solving

Find solutions to complex problems by combining cognitive skills

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Quickly adapt to circumstances, switching between different tasks

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Working memory

Recall key information at the appropriate time

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Spatial orientation

Awareness of self in relation to surroundings

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Motor control

Interact, balance and control body movement

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Auditory cognition

Hear, process, and recognize sound

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Task switching

Unconsciously shift attention between one task and another

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Prepare and make decisions in anticipation

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More skills...

Additional skills to be introduced in the near future

Auditory science

Auditory science

We have composed music tracks that affect the attentional networks of the brain and therefore aid focus levels during gameplay. The proprietary technology was created by using precisely timed rhythms and very rapid subtle pulses to cause what is called phase locking in the brain.

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Check out our specially designed audio tracks for yourself by experiencing the samples on our Soundcloud account.

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    Train your flexibility and attention skills. The aim is to make you more proficient in executing your ability to quickly shift attention from one task to another. It will improve your cognitive ability to rapidly adapt to different situations.

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    Memory wall

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    Hide & Seek

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    Pizza Builder

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    Magic Deck

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    Odd Egg

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